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Unstitched Utilities: Next Day Low

We here at Vegan Kicks love to find out about new companies and brands who sorta come out of nowhere and do big, game changey thangs.  It’s pretty exciting, especially when it’s an all-vegan company.  Or even if their not, offering up an interesting alternative works for us too..

A few days ago, we wrote about Good Guys, who are soon to be putting out some sweet vegan oxfords and boots.  Following a different aesthetic, but no less money, is Unstitched Utilities.  Instead of going the fake leather route, they are experimenting with materials I’ve never seen used in footwear before.   [Note that unlike Good Guys, Unstitched is not a “vegan” brand].

Ever heard of Tyvek?  I see it frequently, because my parents are remodeling their house.  Builders, before they put up the siding on a house, cover it with a layer of this stuff.  It pretty much acts much like a tarp.   Unstitched uses Tyvek in the uppers in some of their shoes, like this one, the Next Day Low.   This Chuck-like shoe is very plain in design, but the fabric really makes it stand out.  It has a crinkled paper appearance.  But they claim that the material is tougher than leather.  You can love it or hate it, but you can’t knock the experimentation.  As a bonus, these shoes have the eco cred, since the Tyvek is made out of recycled material.

More pics after the jump!

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