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Vans Geoff Rowley Pro (reissue) – NOT VEGAN

UPDATE 1/19/13: I’ve been informed by Vans that these are NOT VEGAN.  Sucks, but at least it clears things up.  A lot of us, me included, just assumed these guys were animal free.  Apologies for jumping the gun, hope not too many of you went and bought some.  On the bright side, Vans reiterated that the Rowley 99 in black/synthetic are vegan.  You can get them at The House.

Vans Geoff Rowley Pro Black

Thanks Mike for this great tip.  We heard from Vans a while back that the Rowley 99’s in the black colorway (limited edition) was vegan, but it looks like they’ve reissued this classic skate shoe, now just the Geoff Rowley Pro in three different colorways: black/white/red, navy/white/royal, and red/white/grey.  We haven’t received confirmation from Vans whether any of them are vegan for sure, but I have word from several good sources that at the very least the upper is synthetic.  Upon a visual inspection, you can clearly tell that the material is all that matte synthetic leather that is common in our circles.  Whether the glues are vegan are another matter.  In any event I want to tread cautiously since there’s been a lot of contrary assertions out there that Rowley is not vegan, his shoes are not, etc.

I have already contacted Vans and will update when I receive info from them.  If you are confident in your convictions to buy now, they are available at Vans.com.

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