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Vans LP Slip On

Fans of the Classic Slip On might appreciate this new alteration; the Vans LP Slip On is different in that it has a slimmed down silhouette and sole.  It also features some new details, such as the piping around the stitching, and striped elastic.  Overall it’s the same but it’s a nice update of the classic and keeping up with the trend of slimmed down shoes.  It’s probably a great thing for people with narrow and/or flat feet too.  But I’m still glad that Vans opted not to replace their classic.  I’m liking this, what does everyone else think?

Available in a variety of solid colors at Zappos.  More pictures after the jump!

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Supreme x Vans Checkered Corduroy Pack

Supreme and Vans collaborations, it’s the skater equivalent of a Liger.  Okay maybe not quite that awesome, especially not here.  To me, this Supreme x Vans checkered corduroy pack is a lazy piece of work.  They took the classic checkerboard pattern off the Slip-On, slapped it on an Authentic, and capped the toe off with corduroy.  Nothing fancy, but not too impressive either.  I’m surprised that there is no “discrete” Supreme branding somewhere on the outside, to really take it to the next level.

And yes, this is an in-store release only at Supreme stores in New York, Los Angeles, and London on June 14, and Japan on June 16.  If you can get them, enjoy!

Source: Nice Kicks

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Vans Del Norte

Here’s another one from Vans.  The Del Norte: you’ve seen it before but you haven’t.  Inspired by the chukka, it has a more laid back profile and slimmer sole.  Comes in less bold colors as well.  There’s even an all black version.  Features hemp or “enzyme washed” canvas uppers, and a comfy removable vanslite footbed.  You know it’s vegan friendly when Vans is promoting the fact that they are made with water based glues and inks too.

Available at Premier (blue, green), Zappos (blue), and Swell (black).  More pics after the jump!

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Vans Era Distressed Pack

Spring is here in New York, and my attention is turning towards warm weather skippies.  That means a whole lot of Vans, probably.  It’s just so easy to take their standards and re-issue them with different colors and materials.  This time Vans is releasing the Era in three different “distressed” canvas colorways.  It’s a slight variation, but the washed look really makes it stand out more than the standard canvas.

Available at Premier.

Vans California Chukka TC (not vegan)

UPDATE 3/5/12: Sorry guys it was brought to my attention that the toecap is leather.  I didn’t pay close enough attention on that one, which is too bad.  These are really nice.

Vans continues to tweak the formula of their much loved (by me at least) Chukka boot.  The California Chukka TC is virtually the same, with the noticeable difference being the rubber toe cap.  There are more subtle touches, such as the metal eyelets and a patterned outsole.  And the silhouette to me appears a little more refined, flatter near the toe.  It’s a great “upgrade” to those who may think the original Chukka boot is a little boring.

Available at DQM and Bows and Arrows.

Vans Era Neoprene Pack

Vans has managed to keep their classics fresh with different color combinations and collaborations.  And we’ve seen them mix it up with various materials such as denim, corduroy, chambray, etc.  I have to give them credit for trying something I’ve never seen before – these three Era models incorporate Neoprene, a synthetic material commonly used in wetsuits.  Not sure how they will pan out, but my guess is that they will be more comfy (and water repellant) than the canvas ones.  Available in grey, black, and blue.

Available at Vans DQM General (in store, not web) in New York.

Source: Freshness Mag

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Vans Style 31

I thought I’ve listed every single Vans canvas shoe at least twice on this blog, so thank you Vans for putting out something new.  The Vans Style 31 is pretty much re-treading the same tried and true formula – the high gum sole and silhouette a la Authentic and Era.  But there are some noticeable differences.  Primarily, you can see that the lace loops are wider, giving it a look more like the Chuck Taylor All Star.  That’s pretty much it.  If you want something the same, but different, give these a look.

Available in navy at Urban Outfitters.

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In4mation x Vans OTW Bedford (denim)

Hawaiian skate shop In4mation has teamed up with Vans OTW previously, but I never seen it widely available.  Thankfully, they’ve re-released the Bedford (in denim) and you can get them at skate shops and other online retailers.  They changed the sole from before, but brown gum works for me.  Use white and you pretty much have a Half-Cab.

Anyway, you can get these at Premier for $80. Click down for more pics.

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Vans Era and Half Cab Denim

I feel a strong sense of deja vu as I write about this new pack – Vans Era and Half Cab in blue and black denim.  I just hear this voice in the back of my head that they’ve done this before.  Oh well.  If Vans is not original, at least the shoes look good.  At least to me, anyway.  If you don’t already have some denim sneaks in your collection, here’s your chance.  I get the sense that Era is more frequently updated with different colors and materials, while the Half Cabs, not as much.  Then again, the Half Cab’s popularity with nostalgic skater dudes such as myself is undeniable.  Pick some up now and keep them on ice, who knows when they’ll be available in this style again.


Available at Nice Kicks.

Click down for more pics

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