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Vans Del Norte Mid

Hey all, sorry I haven’t been around in a minute.  I’ve had a busy week-and-a-half, with moving and starting a new job.  Needless to say, I’ve been squeezed for time.  Speaking of work, I had to deal with the semi-trivial problem of figuring out what to wear for “Casual Friday.”  This is the first time I’ve ever worked in a corporate setting, so it was a novel scenario for me.  Come to think of it, I’ve never had to wear business casual, so I basically have to figure out a whole new wardrobe without breaking the bank.

There is a point to this story.  I needed to figure out what shoes to wear.  Someone told me no sneakers.  But then someone said sneakers are okay, but no flashy ones.  Alright, I get that.  But which ones are acceptable?  Fortunately, I had a pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor’s on hand, and that seemed to fly with the my bosses.

If you want to play it safe in that type of situation, you can’t go wrong with something like the Vans Del Norte Mid.  It’s ankle boot style is slightly more formal, but it’s still a pair of Vans sneakers that you can wear to do pretty much anything.  The mid cut is great if you’re wearing more fitted pants, and the low profile sole keeps the profile even lower.  Overall, it’s pretty much a cleaner, slimmer version of the Chukka Boot.

You can pick up this gray version at Zumiez.  They also make a brown upper with black sole at Karmaloop.

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Vans Chukka Del Barco

Anyone who spends more than 2 minutes on this blog (and I know you are few.  I know, I check these things) will come to the realization that I love me my Vans.  I guess it’s because I grew up skateboarding, but I really think their sneaks are very stylish and simple, yet standouts, without looking like they’re trying too hard.  The Chukka Del Barco, the latest rendition of the boat shoe is case in point.  The Zapato Del Barco is already in my mind a classic.  The boat shoe, as a style,  is now a summer staple, and a lot of them are made out of canvas uppers, but most brands insist on still using leather laces to wrap around the sides.  Fortunately, Vans did away with that, simply using regular round cotton laces.  The style is unaffected, and the shoe is happily leather-free.

Now Vans has gone and taken the Zapato boat shoe mold and turned it into a Chukka.  What a move.  It works perfectly.  Maybe I’m biased because I love Chukka boots, but this one really stands out in my mind. Hope you guys like these as much as I do!

Now available in the colors shown above and below at Zappos for $65.

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Vans LPE

I’m pretty sure that the Vans LPE is a dead wringer for the Authentic, but I couldn’t resist.  First it was the low profile, slim shoe.  Now it’s all about the low sole.  I’m a big fan.  I think that if you don’t skateboard, you really don’t need all that grippy white gum.  You’re not going to be using it for any reason other than looking fresh, and the sole can sometimes overwhelm the look of the shoe.  Which is why I like this slight alteration of the Authentic – it’s basically the same shoe, but now the sole is proportional with the general dimensions of the shoe.

The non-leather colorways are grey chambray (always dope), black on black, black with white stitching, and pure white.

Available at Zappos.

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Vans Chauffeur Stripes

Yes!  I have been waiting for you, Vans Chauffeur Stripes.  You are an elusive one.  I’ve been scouring the hills for a low profile boat shoe, something with a little more pizzazz, if you will.  I wasn’t entirely smitten with your sibling, the Zapato Del Barco.  But it was the only vegan boat shoe I could find.  But there are so many canvas boat shoes, you say… bah!!!  They always use the stupid leather strip to wind around the heel.  Damn them, damn them to hell.  But no matter: Vans finest minds ingeniously substituted a plain white round lace; a very elegant solution.  Summer, I am now ready for you.

Available at Premier

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Vans Era Pique Pack

Vans always updates their classics with different materials and colors, but without seeming trite or played out.  They always manage to stay ahead of the curve.  This Era Piqué pack is no different.  Here, they incorporated a twilled cotton upper, similar to that used in polo shirts, but with a raised weave of parallel cords.  This gives it a plush, soft look, and the colors really pop.  I’m really digging the color combos on these.  Maybe not so much the black, but the red and yellow are especially dope.

Available at select Vans retailers.  You can get the red and black at Premier.

Source: Nice Kicks

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Vans Classic Hemp Pack

I have to come right out of the gate and say, sorry for phoning this one in.  I wanted to find something, anything, interesting to write about for 4/20, but… this sort of fell in my lap.  You all knew this was coming.  This isn’t actually that new, but I have been seeing this Vans Classic “Hemp Pack” popping up all over.

It is a little too apropo, isn’t it?  You know, Hemp, Jamaica, Rastafari cultureWEED?  Follow the logic here.  Except the irony of it is that the whole Rastafarian belief system is likely to be anti-commercialism as personified in the now all too corporate Vans company.  BUT, you have to believe that any of those dudes (and dudettes) would be tickled that people around the world are celebrating these colors.

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My new Vans Era

Hey guys! It’s Steph here. Sorry for not posting in such long time.

Just wanted to show you my new sneakers:

The classic Vans Era.  Very nice to wear with rolled cuffs. I’ve got to confess they hurt me a bit in the first days, but now they’re very comfy.  I love Vans’ style and the fact that they got lots of shoes and accessories without leather. What do you think about them?

Vans Old Skool Black Canvas

Yo, I know I’ve been on the skate shoe tip a little too hard lately, but I had to put up one more.  I just couldn’t resist.  These new Vans Old Skool in all black canvas are just way too nice.  I was never a huge fan of the Old Skool, mainly because I wasn’t feeling the color combos.  But when I saw this colorway, I understood why it’s such a classic.  The silhouette is so sleek, and paired with the right colors, it can really work.  Here’s such an example.

NOTE, however, that the lining on the top of the inside part of the ankle.  It looks a little glossy from the picture.  It might be a leather liner.  But it might be synthetic, or maybe waxed canvas?  I’ll update when I find out about that.

UPDATE 3/20/11: Thanks for the comments everyone, I just wanted to confirm withchall that my sources confirm that the upper is entirely textile (or perhaps synthetic), as verified by this photo below… which is great because I really wanted to get a pair.

Available at Premier and Zappos. [also available in “pure” white]

By the way, Vans released a whole bunch of shoes in canvas for spring 2011.  I already highlighted the Half Cab.  I’m not too crazy about the other ones, plus the Zero Lo has some suede on it.  Let me know what you guys think!